Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries - Warragul Osteopathic Clinic

Both elite athletes and social sports people find osteopathy to be beneficial in the prevention and treatment of injuries. 

Reduced joint or muscle flexibility can cause postural or biomechanical imbalances, which may then result in injury if not seen to.  Your osteopath can identify regions of your body requiring further strengthening or rehabilitation.

Warragul Osteopathic Clinic osteopaths have strong backgrounds in sports themselves and are highly trained to develop and appropriate return-to-sport plan of action.  We understand both professionally and personally what a huge demand competitive sports can place on your body, and are sensitive to the emotional toll suffering an injury on a Saturday can bring.

Some of the most common sports injuries we treat include

Osteopaths diagnose and treat the body as a whole, and this is no different when assessing and treating sports injuries.  As well as examining the actual site of injury and the tissues causing pain, we must consider the biomechanics of surrounding areas that may have contributed to your injury in the first place.  For example, if you are suffering tennis elbow, it is important to treat the shoulder, ribcage, upper back and even the pelvis to ensure that the mechanics are functioning well, and not continuing to place stress on the tendons as they insert into the elbow.

Our osteopaths will set out a treatment and rehabilitation plan, and may wish to liaise with your coach or trainer, to help you get back into what you love as soon as it is safe to do so.  Should your injury require any further scans or referral, we have an excellent rapport with local and Melbourne-based specialists, and can work together to get you moving again.

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