Pregnancy - Warragul Osteopathic Clinic

During pregnancy, your body undergoes tremendous changes; physical, hormonal and emotional.  Many of these changes put considerable pressure on the joints and muscles of your spine and pelvis, and can commonly affect other areas such as the ribcage, hips, lower limb and the neck.

Many pregnant women find osteopathic treatment helpful throughout their pregnancy to maintain strength, range of motion and reduce muscle strain. Osteopathic treatment can also help to prepare the body for labour and birth, by allowing freedom of movement throughout the pelvic cavity.  Some common complaints during pregnancy that may be assisted by osteopathic treatment are:

At WOC some of us are mothers ourselves, and can appreciate the complexity of the journey of pregnancy.   We have a pregnancy cushion which allows you to lie comfortably on your stomach throughout your treatment.   If you feel this doesn’t suit you, there are many other treatment positions we can use to achieve the same goal - helping you to enjoy your pregnancy journey.

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