Postural Issues

Postural Issues - Warragul Osteopathic Clinic

Poor posture, stance or gait is a major contributing factor to many pain presentations.  We are living in a fast paced world, and our increased dependency on computers, handheld tablets and phones, and extended car or train commuting has meant that our bodies no longer move like they were meant to.  This places excessive strain in the wrong areas of the body, causing weakness in core muscles, and tightness in those muscles that are trying to compensate.  Over a period of time, your body gets into this ‘habit’ and has trouble moving freely and strongly.

At Warragul Osteopathic Clinic, our practitioners will examine your posture whilst standing as well as in movement.  By watching your body while you move, and palpating, or ‘feeling’ whilst you are doing this, we can see which regions of the body are under strain.  Treatment is then aimed at improving these areas, along with advice on your posture at home or in a work setting.  Your osteopath will also consider possible activities which may help, such as yoga, pilates, swimming or strength training, and talk you through and demonstrate exercises you can do yourself at home.

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