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Osteopathy is a well renowned form of manual therapy for treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, and is also beneficial in helping symptoms associated with systemic illnesses.

Osteopathic philosophy is based on four principles:

  1. Structure and function are interrelated
  2. The body is a unit
  3. The body possesses self healing and self regulating mechanisms
  4. Osteopathic treatment is based on applying these principles

Osteopathic treatment is based on the philosophy that the human body is composed of many different parts - all intimately related to work together as a functional whole.  Should any of these parts not be working well, nutrition to tissues and organs from vascular, neurological and lymphatic systems is compromised.

 An osteopathic approach to treatment typically integrates hands on manipulation or technique to restore structural freedom in the tissues, enhance fluid flow in the body and create an optimal setting for healing to occur.

Common illnesses whose symptoms may benefit from osteopathic treatment include;

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