Headache & Neck Pain

Head Aches - Warragul Osteopathic Clinic


Headaches can be varied and come about from a number of causes.  Factors that may contribute to headaches are:

Our osteopaths will consider all of the above and your full medical history when addressing the cause of your headaches.  We are trained to examine the whole body for strain or tension that may be contributing.  Osteopathic treatment of headaches involves a combination of hands on techniques, which may include soft tissue massage or trigger point release, myofascial release techniques, gentle stretching and muscle energy technique.  In some cases gentle manipulation of the spine can be helpful to encourage better movement within the joints, and your osteopath will always involve you in the treatment plan and decide together how best to treat the problem areas.

Neck pain

Neck pain affects a large percentage of the population, both men and women, young and old.  Chronic neck pain can have a huge effect on people’s lives, restricting them in their work, sport and sleep; and in some cases neck pain can also cause headaches.  There are many factors that can contribute to neck pain, particularly your line of work, type of sport, the way you sleep or the pillow you use.

In our clinic we find one of the most common reasons for neck pain is actually a problem in another part of the body.  Restrictions in movement of the pelvis, mid-low back, ribs or shoulder region very often can cause symptoms in the neck (cervical spine), without you realising that’s where it has started.  We often use the analogy of a two-story house, that ‘for the top story to be level and function well, we need to make sure the bottom story is level first’.  The body’s aim is to keep the eyes level, and often the muscles and joints in the neck will tighten up to compensate for anything that is happening below.

If your presenting complaint is neck pain, our osteopaths will examine your body as a whole, and diagnose and treat any overall strain patterns which may be causing your cervical spine to be under pressure.  It is important that we treat the whole body, as well as the neck, to address the real cause of the pain.

 Our osteopaths use a combination of hands on techniques for treatment of the cervical spine, which are safe and gentle, and will ensure that you are completely comfortable and involved in the treatment process.  Should your neck pain be of a serious nature, our osteopaths are fully trained to identify problems that require medical attention.  We also have a strong referral network of local doctors and specialists.

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