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Osteopathy recognizes the strain on the body children experience as they grow from babies to children and provides a gentle treatment approach for children of all ages. 

Problems your osteopath can help with include

Osteopathic care can assist the young body to adapt to growth related changes, which can prevent other health problems. 

By addressing the physical strains and tensions, the body is able to function optimally and better able to cope with exposure to illness and prevent injury.   


Bringing home a new baby is the most precious and sacred time in many people’s lives.  But for some families it can be also be very stressful if baby has difficulty sleeping or feeding, and it can affect the whole family. 

Our osteopaths are highly trained and have lots of experience in treating babies from birth.  Many of our pregnant patients continue to have treatment after birth and bring their little ones along for assessment when they feel ready. 

Our osteopaths will gently check your baby’s pelvis, spine and head to see how they are coping with the physical pressures of labour and birth.

Our osteopaths may help babies with a range of symptoms such as

Many of us are parents ourselves and are sensitive to the many combined reasons why your baby may be unsettled. 

We have a great rapport with local MCHN, lactation consultant, midwives, pediatricians and sleep schools.  We use all resources to help make your little one comfortable. 

Osteopathic techniques used on babies are very gentle and address the strains and imbalances that may have come about in utero or through labour. 

During treatment you are free to cuddle your baby, sing to them or feed them, bring their favourite toy and do whatever you need for you both to feel relaxed.

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